Fresh Frozen Fillets

Cobia - fresh frozen Fillets

FISH FACTSHEET: 100% Australian Wild caught

Scientific Name: Rachycentron canadum

All fillets produced have been caught in the Gulf of Carpentaria by accredited fishermen who have completed studies in all aspects of safe food handling and holds a certificate of accreditation as a seafood producer and works within HACCP regulations. The Gulf of Carpentaria fishery is accredited as a sustainable fishery under the Commonwealth Government Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, emitting a very low carbon footprint.


Other name commonly used is Black king or Black kingfish.


A Pelagic fish, they live in the pelagic zone of ocean or lake waters – being neither close to the bottom nor near the shore – in contrast with demersal fish, which do live on or near the bottom, and reef fish, which are associated with coral reef. All Qld waters, occasionally in estuaries, and shallow coral reefs and off rocky shores.

Commonly 1.1mtrs in length but may reach up to 2mtrs at a maximum of around 50kg. Minimum size 75cm.


Gulf net closures between 7th Oct and 1st Feb. Predominately a northern fish. Fresh frozen at sea, the care taken to preserve the appearance of the fillet is meticulous, through a series, once caught, of brine tanks and snap freezers. Packed in a 10kg top loaded fish cartons fillets generally can be interleafed, dependant on the fishing practises.


Conducive to Safe Food requirements and guidelines, product has a “best before” of 18mths prior to packing date when store at -18 degrees or more.