Benefits of Wild Caught Barramundi

An iconic Australian species, Barramundi maintains a strong reputation as one of the most sort-after fish species through-out the cafe, take-away and restaurant scene. The benefits of Wild Caught Gulf Barramundi are evident, and too good to pass up. A mild taste with glorious white flesh and a flaky texture that pulls apart. Caught, Filleted and frozen at sea by the industry’s most highly regarded professionals to produce such a high quality, it is like coming straight out of the landing net. Take a look at some of the mouth-watering dishes that you can create.

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A Diamond in the Rough

Through decades-long partnerships with dedicated fishing professionals in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Lenrex sources and supplies Gulf Barramundi and seafood products of superior quality and freshness.

Wild caught, filleted and frozen at sea by the industry’s most highly regarded professionals, Lenrex’s Gulf Barramundi and seafood products set the standard for excellence. To maintain freshness and the glorious white flesh that the Gulf Barramundi is famous for, once caught, the fish is sent through brine and then expertly filleted and snap frozen. The fish is then packaged with fillet counts displayed on the carton.

The Gulf of Carpentaria is one of the remotest areas of Australia, harbouring man-eating saltwater crocodiles with shallow waters, mudflats and mangroves lining its shores, which makes this fish species a true diamond in the rough. Consumers choose to support a well managed sustainable fisheries and the hard working Australian’s who bring to the plate such a delectable product. By drawing on decades of seafood processing and marketing knowledge, Lenrex’s determination to remain market leaders is central to everything they do.